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I’m the President & Chairman of the board of America’s Number One GOLD DEALER organization selling Official US Mint American Gold Eagles at amazing prices. 

You have been beamed aboard into our Metal Division, Major New York Office Headquarters to supply you with Official American Gold Eagles in fractional sizes starting: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz. Our fantastic coin company will always maintain the Best Prices. This great coin society has been 100% originated & organized especially for both men and women of all ages. The price of Gold been skyrocketing from $35oz to as high as $1900oz.

It is a brilliant business plan for investors, collectors, etc. to own Gold & always know you are 100% protected against purchasing Counterfeit Gold, we are Gold Specialist with Extensive Knowledge in the Precious Metals Industry. We are company with a proven product line of Official US mint American Gold Eagles.

This is your Pie in the Sky, Gold Cloud Lining & Dream come true to own Official US Mint Gold Coins. Don’t blow this chance “Friend” Buy Gold American Eagles that fits your budget at the best prices anywhere. Our offer is a Fast-Clicking Financial Geiger Counter that’s telling you that you’ve Struck Gold in your backyard & we are your personal Gold Suppliers.

We are totally 100% serious businessmen Selling & Buying Official American Gold Eagles “Act Now”. We are dedicated to helping our Buyer or Sellers get the right price. We will quote you daily spot Gold Prices, we offer Emergency Services in special situations & unforeseen matters when selling Official Gold American Eagles, we are the Fastest Payers for CASH, Wire Transfers, Western Union. We offer Great Service with our Quick Settlements into Quick CASH.

Experiece the Difference in Purchasing or Selling, Prime Seller, Prime Buyer, Cash in Flash, Cash -Go. No body knows the future, we can not be certain about the coming future of Gold.

Guru’s & Experts predict daily about Gold is set to explode into the new “Modern Day Gold Rush”. 

Gold’s new official role in the International Monetary System has been upgraded for the first time in decades. This will give Gold steps towards re-monetization & powerful trend in motion.

Start Today!




Best way to start investing in GOLD

Let us be your personal Gold & other Precious Metal Buyers. You need an expert like me with extensive knowledge to represent You on all your purchases to guarantee accuracy that you don’t buy counterfeit GOLD & that are receiving natural physical GOLD in its purest form. Let the professionals like Peter with many years in refining, minting, exploration, mining, manufacturing, casting, designing, importing & exporting of GOLD globally do the buying for exclusively for You! Peter offers GOLD to customers a secure, convenient way to access the physical GOLD produced & backed by Trusted Government Mints around the globe.  

Peter has over forty five years of successful professionalism in the precious metals activity at the service to the public while invigorating GOLD-Silver coin lovers.  Peter is one of the most distinguished & renowned experts in the precious metals industry. Peter is an excellent organizer, leader- owner, standing out due to his ability to find solutions & master great challenges. GOLD is a timeless symbol of prosperity that has stood witness to the unfolding of history. Peter is also providing successful transactions with his consumers seeking to diversity techniques & subject matters of exciting products. Peter is a global leader in the Gold trade & offers vault safe custody of your precious valuables. Peter aims to ensure its clientele one stop service investing in the world’s most reliable global products; he also offers highly competitive metal prices, with a large range of investment products that include GOLD-Silver bullion including proof coins from leading mints & issuing authorities around the world. Peter provides a host of products for a large number of well-known names throughout the world. 

Protect things that matter most with a solid relationship of trust.


You and your loved ones are the direct beneficiaries!

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