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1 oz. U.S. Minted American Gold Eagle Coin

1 oz. U.S. Minted American Gold Eagle Coin

American Gold Eagle coins are the most popular gold bullion coins in the world in terms of overall sales volumes.

The US Mint began striking the American Gold Eagle Coin in 1986 and the Gold Eagle coin remains the official 22k gold bullion coin of the United States of America. 

  • The Gold American Eagle Coin is minted in 22 karat gold (.9167 fine), making the Gold American Eagle Coin more durable and resistant to scratching and marring of its gold coin surface. The design of obverse side of the Gold Eagle Coin is inspired by one of the United States of America's most beautiful old circulating gold coins, the Saint-Gaudens' $20 double eagle gold coin (minted in the USA from 1907 until the 1933 gold nationalization). On the reverse surface of this modern minted American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin, a male eagle carries an olive branch above a nesting female eagle and her hatchlings.

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